New Missionaries

                    Welcome Wonderful New Missionaries!!!


We're thrilled to have you join the most incredible group of missionaries since Ammon and his brethren!  YOU are going to be one of them!  More joy awaits you than you can ever imagine!

So, let's get started!  This blog has links to most of the places you'll need to go to get the information you need.  We'll try to improve and update it as more information becomes available.

First of all, NOW IS THE TIME to start serious preparation!  You hopefully have already been preparing a lot, but NOW is the time for some very focused "pre-game workouts" and preparation.

Click on this link to go to the information provided by the Church to help you prepare.

We hope you will take your preparation seriously.  The more you prepare, the better tool you will be in the Lord's hands. Particularly use Preach My Gospel in your studies.  It will teach you skills that will bless you incredibly during your mission and throughout your life!

Other helpful preparations are:
  • Attending a missionary preparation class if there is one nearby.
  • Invite local missionaries to teach lessons in your home (to you and your family, or even your friends of other faiths)
  • Attend the temple once you are endowed, as often as your situation reasonably permits. 
  • Study the scriptures daily.  Come to know your Savior as your personal Friend.
For finding missionary clothes...especially sister missionary clothes, if you're having a hard time finding modest skirts or dresses, remember to check out sister missionary clothes on line. There are a variety of stores that cater to sister missionaries that have cute and reasonable clothes.

For shots, check with county health departments for less expensive immunization services.

Preparing Emotionally is one of the most important things you can do.  Please read and apply this article:

For information about the Philippine MTC click this link:

Travel Information for the Missionary and Family

For tips for packing your Baggage for airline travel:

Tips for packing missionary carry-on baggage

Carry-on baggage dos and don’ts:


1. Height: 36 cm (14”), Width: 23 cm (9”), Length: 56 cm (22”), and the total weight of the Carry-on baggage and your items is 7kg (15lbs). It is free of charge to bring a carry-on baggage with you on the plane!
    • If you are a small person, you can ask the flight attendance to assist you to put the carry-on in the cabin.
2. Books
    • Things you want to read (Book of Mormon, Bible, Preach My Gospel, Study Journal, Gospel Library… etc. or pick some of these)
    • You can put most of your books on your carry-on so you can save weight for your check-in baggage.
3. Extra set of clothing
    • Elders – Shirt, Tie, Socks, Pants, and inner wear
    • Sisters – Blouses/Top, Skirts, and inner wear
    • Just in case your flight has a long layover, you can still look fresh in your extra set of clothing
4. Light jacket
    • Usually cold inside the plane
5. Liquid (Directly quoting from the Transportation Security Administration – U.S. Department of Homeland Security)

3-1-1 for carry-on
    • 3-1-1
      • 3.4 ounce (100ml) bottle or less
      • 1 quart-sized, clear, plastic, zip-top bag
      • 1 bag per passenger placed in screening bin
      • If in doubt, consider putting your liquids in checked luggage

    • From personal experience (not quoting from TSA)
      • The 3-1-1 bottles, you can buy them in almost any grocery store and listed as “Travel-Size Bottles” or under other names
      • To those who are taking international flight, don’t wear contact lenses on the plane to avoid discomfort on a long flight. (If you want to wear contact lenses on the flight, bring the contact lens case, filled with contact lens solution beforehand and bring your glasses just in case)
      • You can use moisturizers to refresh your hands and face. (read carefully about 3-1-1 above) The air inside the plane is similar to a dry summer climate or to being indoors in the wintertime, humidity is no higher than 10%
      • Drink water, even if it means you need to run to the restroom a lot 
      • Get up and stretch every few hours when you are allowed to.

Extra tips for your safety!

Beside carry-on baggage (which you will put it in the cabin on the plane),  you should have a pocket or personal item, such as a purse/sidebag, with you that you should never put down until you arrive your destination. (Carry it with you even when you go to the restroom or anywhere, except when you are doing a security check.)
  • Reason for this is to keep the most important things with you! Think about this, if you lost your check-in baggage and your carry-on baggage, what do you need the most that people can identify you?
  • Your passport, ID, air-ticket, baggage claiming receipt, money (your home country and the country you are going to) – several coins to make a phone call if no one is willing to lend you their cell phone, arrival living address (mission home address and number)
  • Your identity is the most important thing which you need to protect, especially in this sensitive time of traveling! Even though you are a missionary, your Heavenly Father knows who you are, but without your identification, people have the authority to stop you from entering into their country. It will take you a while to get back your identification and back to your home country too.


1. Prohibited items:  (Directly Screen Shot from the Transportation Security Administration – U.S. Department of Homeland Security)
Prohibit items

These are just some of the prohibited items, check for detail on Transportation Security Administration – U.S. Department of Homeland Security website. (

Personal advice: if in doubt, call the airlines to make sure before you go to the airport.   Medicine depends on personal need.  If bringing liquid medicine or a large amount of a prescribed medicine, place a letter with the medicine written by your doctor explaining the diagnosis requiring the medicine along with the specific name and amount of the medicine.  You may also check.  or call the Philippine Consulate (213) 639-0980
or Office of Tourism (213) 487-4525. 

For specific information about travel with Delta airlines: 

At times, it may seem like there is a lot to do to get prepared.  Don't stress about it.  Just make a list of the things you need to do and any deadlines, then write a plan on a calendar of when you will try to have each of those things done.  Plan to complete the items well before the deadline.  If you keep working towards those goals, you'll find that when it's time to leave, you will be ready!

Thank you for your decision to serve the Lord!  Thank you for your willingness to give this important time of your life in service to Him.  We are thrilled to be able to serve with you!

We love you and look forward to meeting you soon!

President and Sister Ostler...... and Caleb