Sunday, December 20, 2015

2015-12-15 Manila Christmas Party

2015-12-11 Christmas On Palawan!

 A group of WONDERFUL MOTHERS got together and sent a large number of small quads with covers for the missionaries who don't have them.  Many missionaries only have paperback.  Some only have a bible.
I wish you could have seen the excitement at being able to have their very
own scriptures....and small enough to carry around with them!

 Sister Veras and Sister Mabeza helped set up all the gifts sent by families.  There were ties, socks, blouses, quads, covers and cut out lesson aids.  It was such a wonderful surprise for each of them!

We began the party with a variety of fun Christmas word puzzles.  It was fun to see the teams work together!

                                      Winning teams got chocolate bars!

 Even the new missionaries got involved and helped their teams win a prize!

A favorite part of the day is when they split up into groups and sing the 12 days of Christmas and act out each day.  The missionaries can be pretty "creative"!

Pinoy Henyo is their favorite, though!  Guessing Christmas-related words is hilarious when they are all trying so hard to guess the words as fast as possible.

The high point of excitement was when Santa arrived with his wife and elves, and then the LECHON (cooked pig) arrived!  (It was brought in a trike.)

One of the sweetest moments occurred right after lunch, when a sweet couple arrived after a 5 hour trip to be interviewed for baptism by President Ostler.  Faithful has deeper meaning.