Saturday, December 12, 2015

2015-12-1 Departing Missionaries

Each life that touches ours for good....  each of these missionaries has touched our lives and taught us valuable, precious lessons.  We hope that we have been able to bless their lives as well!

Finishing their missions at the American Memorial Cemetery, pondering the sacrifices made for our freedom and the sacrifices they have made so that our brothers and sisters in the Philippines can have eternal freedom.  Making commitments about what they will sacrifice for in the future.

           Enjoying comparing the first day pictures with how they look now.

If we could show a picture of how much they have spiritually and personally changed the past 18-24 months, it would be even more remarkable.

              Christmas presents, early...........Mission aprons......

President has all the last pictures on his computer.  I'll add them once he gets done with his meetings.