Saturday, December 19, 2015

2015-11 End of November

               We had a few missionaries leave who had extended their missions for special events.  Elder Francisco was able to see a family he had worked with be sealed for eternity!

                  Sister Langkilde is an amazing sister missionary!

      On Thanksgiving Day, we had the joy of attending the sealing of Karen (Gubac) and Mark in the temple.  Their family traveled all the way to be with them for the special occasion.

That night, we had a wonderful Thanksgiving Dinner Pot Luck Dinner with all of the senior couples in Manila.  The Dufords, Mortimers and Hansens all give their hearts, heads, souls and everything else to the Lord's work.  It was so fun to spend time with them.  Usually we are all just working!

 The following weekend, we went to the Narra District Conference.  The hotel we stay at is right on the beach.  It is absolutely beautiful!
 Caleb and I got to play along the beach while President had his leadership meetings.

         It amazes me how much nature can refresh and rejuvenate my spirit!

     The Stake Conference was a wonderful time together!  The Saints are so faithful.  They came from hours away.  The entire building was full.  Many came Saturday and stayed over Sunday.  There was no air conditioning, yet no one complained.  There were many children, but it was amazingly quiet.  Their choir, like most Filipino choirs, was absolutely beautiful! That is one of our favorite parts of Stake Conferences....hearing their choirs!

 The hotel we stayed at had an interesting nativity.....with coconut heads.

We had the joy of having dinner with two of our faithful senior couples serving on our island, Palawan.  The Wolcotts replaced the Hiatts in September.  They have jumped into the work and have been running hard getting Puerto Princesa District ready to become a stake.  They are hoping to help the district become a stake within the next six months!  We hope they can do it!

 The Mortimers, who serve in Brooke's Point, joined us as well.  They are a new couple who have already served several missions in Malaysia.  They are a wonderful example of "wearing your lives out in the service of the Lord".  They both have more vigor and determination than we do!

        If you want to see a picture of beautiful people, just look at this picture!