Sunday, November 30, 2014


What an amazing experience it has been for us to interview our wonderful missionaries for the past 5-6 weeks.  This time, we chose not to rush the interviews because the time the missionaries get to spend one on one with the president is so scarce, and the missionaries are so precious.  President Ostler really felt that this time it was important to be able to discuss with each missionary the things of greatest importance.

Although it was a lengthy process and many of the missionaries spent extra time waiting patiently for their turn, we feel that it was a blessing for the missionaries to have that kind of time with their president.  Every day, we ended up feeling so humbled by the wonderful and faithful missionaries we have serving in the Manila mission.

We've continued to have zones over for their Preparation Day "Family Afternoon".  It's a good thing to see them be able to relax because they work so hard the rest of the week.

President Ostler always takes time to teach them.  This lesson was about deciding where they are on the boat during the storms of life.

Two of our sweet sisters had their wisdom teeth extracted.  They were so cheerful despite their pain. 

We felt so bad for them!!!!  But they remained cheerful throughout their recovery.

This district had a cooking competition one preparation day at our home.  They were AMAZING cooks!  Parents....ask them to cook for you when they get home!

           This is what I call District unity...washing dishes together!  :)

We had the great blessing of having a Philippines Area Conference.  Elder Oaks, Elder Robbins, Bishop Causee', Elder Ardern and Elder Bowen were here and spoke in various meetings.  This was an investigator family who came to one of the meetings.  We could just feel their goodness!

The choir was phenomenol!  The Causee's had them sing afterwards so we could all record them.  Filipinos know how to sing!!!

The Causee's, the Ostlers, and the Stake Presidency where we spoke.

                  Caleb and a Stake Presidency Member's family.

I apologize that most of the pictures are of preparation day activities!  It makes one think that all the missionaries do is have fun.  I'll try to take more pictures of them at work!

It is such a blessing to serve with these wonderful, dedicated missionaries!