Saturday, December 13, 2014


Wonderful people from the Area Public Affairs office sent me their pictures and videos so we could share them with you.  These are probably more pictures than you care to see....but I'm a mission mom who loves her "missionaries", so.....  sorry!  They are just the best!!!   :)

 After practicing the night before for three hours or more, and sleeping for less than four hours, these wonderful missionaries got up, got beautiful and handsome and were cheerful and excited to be awake at 3am!  Here the sisters are waiting for the ladies makeup room to be unlocked.

They are already gorgeous! Each one of them radiates light so beautifully!

                                  Beautiful sisters, inside and out!

                 These are the handsome elders!  What wonderful young men!

After realizing that it was up to us to do any makeup, we used our own talent to help each other look their best.

The elders spent less time on their appearance and more time on "helping" each other.

                                            The finished product....beautiful!

 Elder Jo was given his own mic to make sure his beautiful violin playing could be heard.

Isn't this the cutest, most handsome, most beautiful group of young adults you have ever seen?  They just radiate the light and joy of the gospel....every one of them!  I just wish the rest of the 110 members of the choir could have been there too.  The whole Philippines would have joined the church after seeing their incredible example.

                   Elder Jo and Elder Thurber are extremely gifted musicians!             
                        Elder Cowan's body guard.....

                                   Elder Osguthorpe's friend.

What a wonderful bunch of great missionaries who know how to have fun sharing the joy!
                    It's amazing what a little hat will do!

                              How we love these sisters!

                           The masters at work........ Elder Osguthorpe is amazing!


                              Singing with their whole hearts and testimonies...

    Elder Osguthorpe's dramatic and exciting directing was fun to sing with!

                               This looks like the perfect Christmas card!

  May Manila and the rest of the world enjoy the joy this season and always!