Monday, January 19, 2015

Philippines Manila Mission Christmas Choir 2014

                               Singing at GMA7 TV Station

                               Singing at Shaw Center Mall

      Whole Mission Choir Arriving to sing at San Juan City Choral Festival

 Lining up to figure out placement on stage, before we took jeepneys to the San Juan Plaza.

  Singing at the San Juan Musical Festival- right as we started to go on the stage, it began to rain.  People in the crowd started leaving to find cover.  All of us were praying it would stop, and by the time they started singing, it had stopped raining and didn't rain again the rest of the evening. What a blessing it is to have Heavenly help!

 The missionaries were able to sing as companionships, zones, districts and 
         various combinations of those at a wide variety of places....including
         a jeepney or two!