Tuesday, March 10, 2015


Two weeks ago and this week, we have been having zone conferences.  They are truly some of the best times of each quarter!  We LOVE being with the wonderful missionaries and feeling their strength and goodness.  Here are the pictures that were taken:
(Thanks to Elders McQuarrie and Rydalch!)

The main theme of the conference was becoming a "clean vessel" so that we can each become "A Window To His Love".  Our desire is to bring our brothers and sisters to the Savior by being so pure and becoming so much like Him, that they can "see Him" through us.  We also focused on how much Jesus loves us and how it was because of His love for us and His obedience to His Father's will that He was able to suffer for us like He did in Gethsemane and on the cross.  Truly, He did it...."for you".

In addition, we had a delicious lunch and then had classes on "STRESS" by Sister Lemmon, How to Encourage People to Keep Their Commitments by Elder Duford and the Sister Training Leaders, and Working With Members by the Assistants. 

During the conference we were blessed by the musical talents of our Elders and Sisters as they played the piano, led the music and sang solos or duets.  The music was powerful and inspiring.  Elder Osguthorpe's rendition of "I Cannot Watch Them" by Rob Gardner stirred our souls to their depth.  It portrays Peter's feelings from the time he realizes he has denied Christ to the point when he is immoveable and willing to testify of Christ to his last breath...which is what he ultimately did.
We also were spiritually touched and moved to want to become clean and pure by Sister Escobar's solos and Sister Wells and Teo's duet, "A Window To His Love".

We concluded our conference by hearing from President Ostler and watching a powerful video clip of part of a talk by Elder Holland about how Christ taught Peter that what He really needs is true disciples.  I think we all came away with a deeper desire and stronger commitment to be clean, to repent of anything that is holding us back from receiving His blessings and causing us to not be a window to the Savior's love. 

What a wonderful privilege it is for each of us to be serving here!  We cannot put into words the joy we feel as we meet together and see these stalwart missionaries serving so faithfully despite many challenges.  They are truly inspiring!!!