Saturday, April 4, 2015


 We had interviews and MLC this week.  What a wonderful opportunity to be in the presence and interact with such wonderful missionaries!

               Elder Stratton wanted to make sure his mom saw him.  Hi Mom!
    All of our missionaries participated in the "Because He Lives" campaign.  One creative way was encouraging members to take pictures with these "He is Here" signs and post them on facebook or other social media accounts with the hash tag.

 Sister missionaries carry with them such a spirit of love and enthusiasm!

 It's amazing how they learn to truly love each other.

 Some of our very best!

 Sister Training Leaders add such a wonderful dimension to the mission!

Where else but in the church do we see people so diverse get along so well?


Picture taking is frequent whenever missionaries or members get together.
 A group of our missionaries will be going home soon, so everyone wanted pictures this time.

Faithful to the end.

 Using all of our talents...

 Our wonderful zone leaders and sister training leaders.

These are the missionaries who lead the precept and by example.