Sunday, June 21, 2015

2016-06-16 Departing Missionaries

 After a delicious dinner made by Angel, these sisters cheerfully washed the dishes and cleaned up the kitchen.  Missionaries are the most helpful, amazing people on earth!

 After a session at the temple and a visit to the American War Memorial, the missionaries returned to the mission home for a chat about life after "death" and how they can clearly communicate the experience they have just had.  Then, we had the legendary dinner and a beautiful testimony meeting. 

 Elder Wilkinson's parents and brother came to pick him up and were able to join us on the last day of activities.

 Elder Thurber's parents were able to come as well.  It is clear to see why these missionaries are as amazing as they are when you get to meet their parents.

The Northrups are the only remaining senior couple in the office now.  They contribute so much and bring so much happiness into the lives of the missionaries and their parents because of Sister Northrup's posting pictures!