Sunday, August 7, 2016

2016-8-04 Catching up on Pictures

 Last month, we had the wonderful opportunity of having a group of saints from Narra and Quezon come to the temple for the first time to be endowed and sealed.  We enjoyed hosting them for dinner.  They are so humble and grateful.  It is a blessing to be with them.

 This sweet little boy was the recipient of a miracle.  Just a week before, when we were visiting Quezon, which is a remote village on the island Palawan, we met a wonderful mom with this little boy.  He had a bad, infected rash all over his body. He had been in pain and crying for days.  He couldn't sleep at night because of the pain.  She asked President Ostler to give him a blessing.  As the blessing began, the little boy's sobs subsided until he was barely whimpering.  He was blessed though priesthood power that he would be healed.  When we saw him a week later for his sealing to his family, we didn't even recognize him because the sores all over his body were almost healed.  His mom said he slept that night and continued to heal.  It is a humbling opportunity to watch the Lord's power at work in the lives of His children.

                               His sweet sister who was also sealed to their family.

                                                This is their little sister.

About 50 total saints came from Palawan to be sealed or endowed in the temple during July.
How the angels must be rejoicing!  We sure are!

 Yesterday, we had our new missionary followup meeting.  It was such a joy to see that all of the new missionaries were doing well!  We try to keep in touch with them to hear how their transition is going.  Most of them do quite well.  Some really struggle for a couple weeks.  But this group is doing very well.  They have wonderful trainers who love them and are doing their best to train them.

Saturday, we went to the airport to pick up Caleb who spent the summer at BYU Chinese, Vocal Point and Volleyball camps.  It was sooooo great to have him back!

            This is a non-crowded airport picture of everyone waiting for passengers to arrive.

    Everyone stands behind a glass wall and waits for their friends or family, then they motion which way to exit so they can meet them by an exit.

                   This is a picture driving through our neighborhood, taking Caleb to school.

                                         MLC Practice Companionship Inventories

 Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders seeing how many ward leaders and members they know by name.

It is such a blessing to serve with these wonderful, consecrated missionaries!  Thank you parents for preparing them to serve so well!