Sunday, November 20, 2016

2016-11-16 It's a New Day!

 New Missionary Day begins very early for the new missionaries at the MTC.  Many of them have companions who have to rise at 2 or 4am to catch a plane flight to their mission in the Philippines, so everyone wakes up to say goodbye.  The Manila missionaries are picked up at 5:45am by the Assistants and Office Elders and brought directly to the Mission home where they are greeted warmly by their new "Mission Parents".  President Ostler and I LOVE to greet them.  We know how eagerly they have been waiting their missions and it's a thrill to have them finally arrive!

              Elder Jacobsen is now the Finance Secretary and orients the new elders and sisters.

          Elder Heckel trains the new missionaries about housing, 72 hr. kits, safety, etc. one more time.

The Assistants review the New Missionary Binder so they will know all the basics...and where to find the answers if they have questions.

              Sister Turner, our beloved and much appreciated Mission Nurse also teaches them.

                           We learn about language study and games we can play to help us.

Visiting the American War Memorial Cemetery where the Philippines was dedicated for the preaching of the gospel is always an inspiring experience.

   After lunch, President announces where the missionaries will serve and who their trainers will be.

                                        What a wonderful group of dedicated missionaries!

I'll add a picture of our new missionaries repacking for Palawan.  Four of the new missionaries were assigned to Palawan and the planes only allow them to take 20 kg. so they have to repack and only take one suitcase.  It's always a challenge, then when they return to Manila, they wonder why they ever brought so much stuff.  :)