Tuesday, December 27, 2016

2016-12-27 Time For Celebration!!!! After Mission....there is still so much joy!

What a joy it was to attend the eternal sealing of Michael and Jessa Francisco!  These are two returned missionaries who are truly trying to follow the prophet.  It takes a LOT of faith...and they have it!

Being at the temple with Sister Esmolo (who teaches at the MTC now), Elder Francisco and our Assistants was a heavenly experience.  Someday, we hope to have a temple reunion with all of our missionaries and their families.  That would be heaven!
 Elder Francisco and his family.

 We love being at the temple, because we run into so many of our returned missionaries and we see that they are still strong in the faith!

Because it is the Christmas holidays, many families are traveling to the temple.  What a joy it is to see it so crowded!