Saturday, June 10, 2017

2017-06 MLC, Final Zone Conference in Puerto, Other Pictures

     For MLC, Elder Webster did a great presentation on how to have "Celestial" BCR's.  Sometimes
     the BCR's he receives need a lot of correction.

The zone leaders and sister training leaders practiced OYMing using the umbrellas and pass along cards. The umbrellas say Families Can Be Forever in Tagalog and help start conversations about families.

              Role Playing is a major part of how we practice skills.  At first it is embarassing, but after a while, it just becomes a great learning experience for all of us.

Splitting into smaller groups helps everyone get more practice.

              This was our final official zone conference on Palawan!

Once again, we are SO thankful for the missionary moms who donated money last Christmas for mission umbrellas.  These umbrellas are keeping the missionaries DRY, and COOL and are sharing the message that FAMILIES CAN BE FOREVER!  Thank you Mission Moms!!!

The movers came a week ago and took all of our stuff.  Now, the workers are preparing the house for the next mission president, President and Sister Fermanis.  It's amazing to see all the workers fix and paint, shine and recaulk.  They are really working to make this a beautiful place ready for a new family!  We are looking forward to welcoming them!

Sad news for all old MLC members.  The mango tree was super-trimmed, so no more "mango bombs" during MLC!  :)

                Thanks to the office elders, we now have a new tarpaulin map of our mission with all the apartments and church building on it.  Elder Jacobsen sees the maps as becoming great tablecloths once they become out of date.  :)