Sunday, September 28, 2014


The past few weeks have gone past like a blur!  We had a wonderful meeting with the missionaries working in our Single Adult ward.  They are full of enthusiasm and ideas for making it a more successful place for sharing the gospel. They are amazing!

 We also had MLC (Mission Leader Conference) with all the zone leaders and Sister Training Leaders.  We have breakfast and a big lunch together with meetings till 3pm when we send them back out with a bagged dinner
 We wish you could come to these meetings!  The caliber of these young men and women is incredible.  They are so desirous of being faithful.

 These elders always seem to glow wherever they are...but especially in the sun light!  :)

 Then, this week, we had three days of zone conferences!  Talk about Heaven!  It felt like somewhere between Heaven and a family reunion!

The first day of Zone conference, I was setting up my room for the next class so I didn't get many pictures taken.  SORRY!

 The other two days, I was able to get pictures of everyone, I think.

    Can you just see their goodness?

            They are as "the army of Helaman".......

  Elder Paine and Sister and Elder Theler...our senior couples who we love!!!

 Today, we were blessed to go to a baptism of a 21 year old young man who had been introduced to the church by a girl he knew in his high school.  He is the only member in his family, and even though they were opposed to him joining, they all came to his baptism.  That is a real display of love.

                            Sister Andrews, Ronneil, Sister Talanoa

We drove straight from the noon baptism to a fireside with the Makati East zone. What a wonderful group of members and missionaries.  It was a chance for the members to get to know the mission president and family.  President and I both spoke, and Caleb sang, "Savior, Redeemer of My Soul" by Rob Gardner.  The spirit really blessed him.

We drove from that afternoon fireside to another one in Mandaluyong.  This was more of a formal program with their ward choir singing, talks by future missionaries who had received their calls, the bishop and his returned missionary wife, and us.  The choir was so powerful!  The members are full of enthusiasm, and they have great hopes of reactivating many of the members who have not been enjoying all the blessings of the gospel.

 We got to have our pictures taken with almost everyone.  I have never seen so many ipads, cameras and iphones taking pictures!  When we finished the meeting, they served a dinner to everyone.  The bishop and his wife are young, but full of the spirit and enthusiastic.  They are the couple on the left.  The rest are mostly singles and a few married adults.

It is such a blessing to be here!  How can we express what joy it brings us to watch these wonderful missionaries go out day after day, giving their hearts to the people here.  Every single parent would be so pleased.  I wish they could see their sons and daughters.  It is like they are a bud that blossoms quickly on their missions.  They are so selfless and willing to do whatever it takes to bring the gospel into people's lives.  Today was magnificent!