Sunday, September 28, 2014


Dear Sisters and Elders,
It has been a great privilege being with most of you during zone conference this past week. We will be in Palawan next week and look forward to having a marvelous, spiritual time together.
You are wonderful representatives of the Lord. You are so wonderful that sometimes I feel silly suggesting that you improve at all! But of course there is still much room to grow.
I have been reflecting on the lessons we learned from Elder and Sister Ardern as they conducted the mission tour a few weeks ago, he asked the Mission Leadership Council: "Are you a 'Preach My Gospel Mission?'" Everyone answered: "Yes!" His reply was simple and direct, but given in a kind voice: "No, you are not. According to the missionary survey only 70% of your missionaries study Preach My Gospel every day."
His point was clear: The Lord has given us an exceptionally inspired resource, one that was not available at all during the first 174 years of missionary work...and we aren't using it as we should.
**I invite each and every one of us to read from the pages of Preach My Gospel every single day, araw araw. Learn from it every day. Apply it every day.**
Today in my studies I was impressed by two statements:
p. 20: "The lessons in this chapter contain the essential doctrines, principles, and commandments that you are to study, believe, love, live and teach."
p. 178: "The quality and power of your teaching will help others understand and feel the importance the restored gospel has for them. Their understanding will be influenced by your personal worthiness."
I learned again how important it is for us to have INTEGRITY when we teach. Integrity means that we actually BELIEVE, LOVE and LIVE the things we teach. I learned that when we do, those I teach will understand it better. I also learned that my own worthiness affects the ability of people to understand what I am teaching. How is my worthiness connected with people being able to understand my message? It is because, when I am worthy, I have the spirit with me much stronger. When I am worthy I can feel the promptings. When I am worthy I teach with more spiritual power. This was a great reminder for me. "Preach My Gospel" has thousands of profound insights and learnings waiting for us.
Let us read it and learn from it every single day. As we do, we will receive the guidance and blessings of the Lord.
I love you. I know the Lord lives. I know He has sent His angels to be with you.
Remember, as Elder Jeffrey R. Holland said:
"There is help and happiness ahead...Some blessings come soon, some come late, and some don't come until heaven; but for those who embrace the gospel of Jesus Christ, THEY COME."
With love,
President Ostler