Thursday, October 9, 2014


 One of the most enjoyable times we have together is when we have Zone "Family Afternoons".  We started having them when one of the zones requested to have a family night at our home.  Because they need to be out working in the evening, we came up with the family afternoon where we have basically what we would do for a family night, but during the early afternoon on their preparation day.

It's so healthy for them to be able to relax and have fun in a clean, safe environment.  They enjoy playing Guestures which is like charades.

We also have a variety of board games and brain games for them to choose   from.

Their favorite part of the family afternoon is the homemade cinnamon rolls!
                                        Finger-looking good!

                                       Sisters are so much fun!

                             Even the sisters enjoy "shooting hoops"

     It's nice to have games where they can cooperate as well as compete....and still do it in their missionary attire.

        The lesson by President Ostler is always meaningful and memorable.

       Zone unity is a wonderful additional benefit from these activities.
                                  We LOVE these missionaries!!!