Thursday, October 9, 2014


Wednesday morning dawns bright and early in the Philippines....especially on Transfer Day.  Missionaries are so excited, they have a hard time sleeping.  At 6am, President and Sister Ostler and the Assistants to the President pick up all the new missionaries from the MTC.  They often are saying tearful farewells to close friends they have made there that will be going to a different mission.  Then, their adventure begins!

 After filling out information sheets, they are fed a delicious breakfast cooked up by Angel and her crew.  This time it was pancakes and bacon!

They are interviewed by the President, and his wife checks to make sure they have what they need for their missions.  Then they are taken to the nearby American Memorial where Elder Gordon B. Hinckley rededicated the Philippines for the preaching of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.

Sister Ostler shares with them the history of World War II in the Philippines, and how the Filipinos, Americans and many other countries fought together and gave their lives for freedom in that land.  We talk about their sacrifice and how it has blessed the Filipino people.  Then we talk about what the new missionaries have to eternal freedom.  We encourage them to ponder what they are willing to do to share that.

Three new sisters stow away in the back seat so they can ride in the Mission President's car.

Elder Obray and Elder Avila (our new assistant) lead the discussion in orienting the new missionaries.  Elder Theler teaches all of them about how their finances work.  Sister Theler and Sister Lemon explained what they need to know to stay healthy.  Sister Ostler introduced her family and taught them the Mission Song, A Marvelous Work.  After a delicious noontime dinner, they learned about what to expect the next 6 weeks.  They were encouraged to work hard but be realistic that it takes time to grow into the missionary they want to become.

They broke into smaller groups to discuss their orientation material.

 Then, came the moment they all had been waiting for!  President Ostler announced who would be training each of the new missionaries and where they would be serving

 It's always a time of hugs, pats on the back and laughter.  They sit next to their new companion, and President trains them about how to communicate with love.  They practice, evaluate and repractice till everyone understands.

They are given more counsel, then are on their way to their new area.  It's amazing the faith these young missionaries display!