Sunday, October 26, 2014


The past few weeks have been very busy and wonderful.  We have been blessed to have many of the missionaries to our home for interviews.  We have been humbled again to get to know such wonderful and noble souls.  We have missionaries from all sorts of situations.  It is absolutely amazing to see how they all "step up" and stretch themselves to be the best the
they can be.  Many are serving with little support or no communication from home.  They love their families dearly, but their families find it difficult to write, so the missionaries receive no emails or letters.  Yet there is never a word of complaint.  I am collecting a list of those missionaries so other people can write them.

I was in tears last week as one elder, a recent convert, told me his family story.  He has overcome amazing odds to be here.  Yet he is here, with an incredible, good spirit and attitude, serving like his life has been ideal all along.  It's humbling to see such purity of spirit and desire.  Heavenly Father sure has sent some choice spirits here to this mission.

Besides interviews, we've also had several zone activities at our home for their preparation days.  It's healthy for them to be able to relax in a safe and home-like environment once in a while.  They get to come about once in every three months.  It's fun to get to know them better and it helps develop zone unity.

This was our first interview day.  Angel helped teach all of the missionaries in the zone to make Chicken Curry.  We've been wanting to help the missionaries learn how to eat healthier and thought it would be great if Angel could teach them a simple, inexpensive meal they could make.  She made it four times that day, and that was the last day we did it.  We couldn't imagine doing it 40 more times!  (Once for each group interviewed.)

 Caleb turned 15 one weekend and played tennis before devouring his cake!

                     Zone Family Home Afternoon....

                      Caleb had a holiday so he got to join them.

          Making Snickerdoodles.......because we have an OVEN!

                     This is a wonderful group of missionaries!!!!

Wednesday morning, we got to pick up two new sister missionaries from them MTC whose visas had been delayed.  They are both from Pakistan.

It's wonderful when the missionaries add spiritual music to our home while they are waiting for interviews.

        The Zone Leaders interview the missionaries in their zone to go over their area books and weekly planners.  It's a great chance for them to encourage and teach their missionaries. 

Sister Ostler taught them about eating well-balanced meals and played a game where they got to share what they had eaten the past 24 hours and were scored accordingly.  They will all eat better before the next interview day.  :)

President Ostler has been interviewing each missionary for 15+ minutes.  He thoroughly enjoys being able to really get to know and counsel with each missionary.  Sister Ostler interviews each of them as well to discuss their health, apartment, progress in learning the language, checking on their emergency fund and 72 hour kit.  She also tried to see how their families are doing.  Sometimes, it seems like our lives couldn't be more blessed.