Wednesday, February 11, 2015

2015-02-10 and 11

The past two days have been pretty emotional.  There is nothing like getting to know incredible, wonderful missionaries and watching them grow and become even better......then having to say goodbye.     It really tears at the heart strings.   The only things that helps is when I know they are going home to loving family.

Thank you, families, for sharing your son or your daughter with us.  Our live are forever better because of their faithfulness.  You can receive them home with great honor.

What a treat it was to meet Elder Washburn's parents!

Sisters going home.
          Wonderful Elders.....

  Why is that each time a group leaves, we feel like we are losing some of our best missionaries?

 Elder and Sister Northrup and the missionaries they love and serve.

After a session at the Manila temple, visiting the American Cemetery and talking about what they had sacrificed for during their missions and what they are willing to sacrifice for so they can have eternal life, we had a delicious dinner made by Angel. 

Then President Ostler counseled with our beloved missionaries, one more time.  That was followed by a tearful testimony meeting.

President Ostler taught them using Howard Lyon's painting about choosing faith over fear, about "going to the front of the boat" or going to the Savior with our challenges instead of trying to do it all ourselves without his enabling power.

Then, it was off to spend the night at a hotel till they were picked up early the next morning by an area van to be taken to the airport.
Farewell to a wonderful, faithful group of Heavenly Father's children!

Early the next morning.......we picked up a group of four lovely sister missionaries from Tonga, Australia and the Philippines.

                  New Missionaries and Their Trainers

                    New Missionary Orientation
Nervous trainers get ready to train nervous new missionaries.