Tuesday, May 5, 2015


Today was a wonderful day of celebration!  As President Ostler described it to the missionaries who completed their missions today, it is a celebration of their harvest!  What incredible missions each of them have had...and they are their own most important convert.  It is virtually impossible to describe what it is like to sit and listen to 21 faithful missionaries who have given their hearts, might, minds and strength to the service of their Lord for the past two years or 18 months share their spiritual experiences, the growth they have experienced, and the miracles they have seen.  Truly it is a spiritual feast.  (Thank goodness for the boxes of tissues!)

 Where in the world can you find such a wonderful group of young women...

 and wonderful young men???

 And Fantastic Young Senior Couples!  We love the Newsons!

 Sister Gibbs' parents came to pick her up from her mission.

 Sister Northrup is our receptionist, secretary, organizer, travel agent, all around wonder-woman!

 Elder Northrup helps missionaries with all their financial needs.

 Missionaries' Last Temple Trip Before Going Home

Words cannot express how much we love these precious missionaries.  God be with you till we meet again!