Wednesday, May 6, 2015


Today is the day that makes up for yesterday.  It's soooooo hard to let the wonderful missionaries go.  They truly become a part of our lives after they serve so faithfully. I've decided I either need to learn not to cry so much when they leave, or I need to increase my ability to survive crying every six weeks when we have to say good bye!  :)  I have a feeling it's going to have to be the latter one.

This morning began with nine new missionaries arriving about 6:30am at the mission home.  The Assistants and Office Elders picked them up.  We had a delicious pancake, egg and bacon breakfast made by Angel, then we began the orientation while President Ostler interviewed each one of the new missionaries.

While this was going on, transfers were happening for the rest of the mission at Buendia Chapel.  Elder and Sister Northrup came early to the mission home to explain all about money, safety, housing, mail and cell phones, then hurried back to the mission office to help with transfers.  They are so capable!  It is amazing how much they take care of.

Awaiting the new missionaries!

Here they are!

Breakfast with the Assistants and Office Elders.

New Missionary Orientation by Assistants

Trainers arrive and welcome new missionaries.

We took the new missionaries to see the American War Memorial Cemetery.  We talked about the thousands of people buried there and many more never found whose names are listed on the walls.  We talked about their willingness to sacrifice so that others could have freedom.

Then we asked them to ponder what they are willing to sacrifice so that their brothers and sisters in the Philippines can have eternal freedom.  This is a time when they can really commit to the Lord what they will sacrifice.

We take them back to this cemetery at the end of their mission so they can reflect on their sacrifice and to make commitments about what they will do with the rest of their lives.

It's such a wonderful day.  These missionaries are truly the "salt of the earth".