Wednesday, January 13, 2016

2016 January Departing Missionaries

Last night was a tough night.  Yes, it was the night we needed to say goodbye to some very special people in our lives.  I wish you could have watched them grow and change over the past several years.  Those of you who are parents or family will see the difference in them when they return.  We want you to know that they are amazing!  If you give them the chance, they shine!  We send them back to you with our love and gratitude for your sacrifice and for theirs.  We are all blessed because of them.  None of us will ever be the same.

                       Looking at their "going home packets"

  Our small but wonderful going home "batch".  Some of them leave in a 
                                   few days or a few weeks.

           The Dufords will truly be missed.  They served valiantly in Coron,
                then came back to Manila at a crucial time for the mission.

           Elder Burgos served as an amazing Assistant to the President.  We will miss his steady, faithful service and example.

       It seems like just yesterday that Sister Te'o arrived.  She, like each of these missionaries, made many sacrifices and were stretched in many ways, but each of them has grown SO much!  It is a blessing to see it happen!