Tuesday, February 9, 2016

2012-02-4 Mission Leadership Council

  Mission Leadership Council always begins bright and early with breakfast!
   These are our incredible Sister Training Leaders.

    These are some of our amazing zone leaders!

     These are two of our wonderful senior couples, the Mortimers and our new couple, the Addurus!  We cannot adequately express our gratitude for all our seniors do!

                 After a 24 hour long flight and waiting for hours at an airport...
                   the Addurus were cheerful, energetic & excited to be here!

                            Time to say goodbye to Elder Nagal.....

                                                and Sister Mata....

                   Elders share beautiful testimonies through music..

 This is where the work really happens!

       Elder Burgos and Elder Schroeder are the glue that hold us together!