Tuesday, February 23, 2016

2016-02-23 Fond Farewells Are So Tough

Well, my eyes are puffy and red from crying throughout the missionary testimony meeting with the missionaries who are returning home.  They are such a faithful group.  We will truly miss them so much!  We only had five this time because part of the group will be going home later.  These missionaries are returning to Vanuatu, Malaysia, Philippines, Australia and Pakistan.

It's hard to put into words what it feels to send them back.  The church in many of their home towns is very small and young.  They will take their incredible faith back with them and make a great contribution.  We are humbled to have served in their shadows.

What a wonderful blessing to be in the temple with all the senior missionaries in our mission who serve in Manila.  It was an unforgettable experience to be in the temple with such consecrated individuals.  The Hansens, Lemmons, Mortimers and Addurus are such blessings to our mission.  The Addurus joined us two weeks ago and have so much enthusiasm it is contagious.  The Mortimers have so much goodness inside them it just spills out!  Their love is evident to all. 

 Can you tell how happy he is? It's such a joy to serve here!

                                                  True beauty.

Elder and Sister Hansen have been serving as Self-Reliance Missionaries and doing a wonderful job.  They have added helping to check missionary apartments and leaving inspirational messages with the missionaries.  They will be leaving way too soon!

 Sister Lemmon is getting ready to return home with her wonderful husband.  She has been serving day and night as our mission medical person.  We CANNOT express how grateful we are for her and how much all the missionaries will miss her love and watchful care.  She always has an optimistic, can-do attitude that has served her well as she has taken care of all sorts of illnesses!  She as literally been an angel for all of us.  We love you Sister Lemmon!  Thank you for supporting her without complaining, Elder Lemmon. 

       God be with you till we meet again!