Wednesday, March 23, 2016

2016-3-23 Zone Conference

Today was a wonderful celebration!  It is sooooooo much fun to get together and share the joy of service in the Lord's kingdom and rejoicing in the blessings that flow from the love and atonement of the Savior, Jesus Christ.  I cannot imagine any more wonderful of an experience to be having than associating with such dedicated, consecrated, faithful individuals!  Each face in this picture has their own story, their own challenges.  Yet each one of them is exerting faith to overcome those challenges and to become stronger.  Today, we saw such growth in many of the missionaries.  It is a beautiful thing to watch those who chose to be refined by their experiences.  Truly a mission is such a refiner's fire.  It is an unparalleled opportunity to focus on selflessness and spiritual/emotional/personal development. 

This is half of our missionaries in Manila.  We have the other half next week.  We did Palawan's zone conference last week.

Our newest senior couple, The Jacobsens from Missouri!  They just arrived yesterday and are amazingly adjusting well despite jet lag!

The Addurus are fitting in quickly to their new responsibilities.  Everyone loves them too.

These are the first sisters to serve in Coron!  They have had many challenges, but they are cheerful, undaunted and marvelous missionaries!

  Sister Barton and Sister Fermin teaching about Effective Planning