Sunday, March 6, 2016

2016-03-06 Taking a Trip Back in History

Last night, President Ostler, Caleb and I attended a wonderful fireside about the history of the church in the Philippines. Elder Steven Snow, Brother Nielsen (Church Historian and Assistant Church Historian) were here on a trip collecting history of the Church in the Philippines.  President Ostler was able to travel to Palawan with them where they had a fireside with members and another with the missionaries.

At the fireside in Manila, Elder Snow and President Ardern spoke.  There were also several speakers who had been some of the earliest converts, or children of the earliest converts.  It was a humbling and amazing experience to hear about and see pictures of their conversions and lives.  It is amazing to see that just since 1961 has all the growth of the church happened in the Philippines.

                        The Buendia building was full to the brim!
People came from all around to be there.  They will likely send videos around to the other areas of the Philippines so they can share the spirit of the meeting.

      It was a wonderful reunion for many old friends.  The Addurus are currently serving in the Manila mission.  They were able to see many of the Lim family and many other families that had been in the church as long as they had been.  The Adduru's were the first member couple married in the Buendia building.  They were subsequently sealed in the temple.  They are a wonderful missionary companionship!

Missionaries were not invited because they were all out teaching new investigators!