Tuesday, April 19, 2016

2016-04-19 Time For the Next Step!

 It's that time again!  As much as it hurts, having missionaries finish their missions is a wonderful thing!  If I could just capture the feelings from our testimony meeting tonight and send them to you, I would!  It is a PRICELESS experience to be with these precious missionaries who have given their whole hearts and effort to the Lord's service.  Truly they have been sanctified by their sacrifice and strengthened by their struggles.  We are humbled to have served with them. They are AMAZING!
So, welcome them home!  Keep them safe!  Help them stay strong!  Get them busy serving!  They are ready to continue building God's kingdom here on earth! These missionaries will change the world...one family at a time!

The Wonderful Wolcotts have returned from Palawan after serving so faithfully night and day over there.  President Wolcott will serve as President Ostler's counselor while President Mortimer is home for surgery.  We miss the Mortimers SOOOOO much!  Our prayers are being sent your way!!!  We love you!

                                       We are as the army of Helaman..........  brothers, forever.

If anyone is looking for a righteous, wonderful and beautiful companion,  these are some of the very best!  Oh, how we will miss them!

 Oops, Elder Garcia got his picture in here too!  He's one of our new assistants!  Elder Leofo is our other new assistant. I'll try to get his picture tomorrow!  They will join Elder Whittle assisting the President.  Elder Schroeder is on his way back to Palawan to serve there for the end of his mission.  We will miss him as he has served the mission so humbly, faithfully, cheerfully and supportively.  Parents, you are lucky we ever let these missionaries come home! That's how special they are.  Thank you for sharing them!

 If anyone knew how honestly incredible it is to serve a mission with faithful missionaries, they would be waiting in line begging the prophet to let them go!  We feel soooooo blessed to be here.
Thank you, parents, for raising such wonderful servants of the Lord!