Wednesday, April 20, 2016

2016-04-20 The New Missionaries are Here!

                                         Elder Whittle and Elder Leofo (2 assistants)
                Elder Roberts helping with new missionary orientation.
                   Elder Garcia and Elder Leofo, the two new assistants, with new missionaries

              The beautiful American cemetery.

      Explaining the history of the Battle of Leyte Gulf, a turning point of the war in the Philippines.

                           View of one side of the hall with rows of names of those missing.

                         Getting ready for orientation with their trainers!

                                     Finding out who new companions are and what area they will serve in.

Multi-talented Assistant, Elder Whittle

                                           The new "batch" on a sweaty, windy day!

It was a wonderful day with a great new group of missionaries!  It is so much fun getting to know a new group.  They have so much anticipation and energy despite being so tired from not sleeping due to excitement!  They will hopefully sleep well tonight!