Sunday, January 22, 2017

Philippines Manila Mission 2014-2017 RM Reunion Announced!

Manila Missionary RM's start saving now!  Saturday, May 27th will be our RM Reunion.

Here are the plans!
9:00am       Meet at the Manila Temple to get tickets and take pictures
10:00am     Temple Session
12:15pm     Lunch at Patron Housing (free for our RM's)
1:15pm       Travel in mission vans (free) to Buendia Building
2:00pm       Games, Activities, Slideshows/videos
5:00pm       Catered dinner
6:00pm       Message from President and Sister & Testimony Meeting
8:00pm       Reunion over.....lots of hugs

We will be completing our mission the end of June, so we hope you will be able to find a way to come!  We love you all!  You will always be a part of our hearts and our lives.  We are better people because of you!