Saturday, March 4, 2017

2017-03-04 Just Some of the Fun in a Week

      Interviewing with these sisters was a wonderful experience.  Their beauty is like a flower garden!

Elder Coco finally got his visa and left for Salt Lake City West Mission.

 We had a wonderful MLC with our incredible Zone Leaders.  We spent a lot of time demonstrating and practicing, evaluating and repracticing how to really listen to our investigators so that we can understand them and their concerns.

 It is amazing how real the practices can feel.  As the missionaries imagine what it would be like to be the investigators they are portraying, they really can feel what it would be like to be that investigator. 

We were able to observe and share what worked and what didn't work for truly understanding the investigator.  We couldn't help but think what a blessing this skill will be for these missionaries throughout their lives.

The pictures don't show it, but everyone was involved and really participated.  Those are the best kinds of MLC's!

Ritchel Azares and her friend, Reizy came by before they leave to work on cruise ship.  Ritchel is from Quezon, Palawan and is anxiously awaiting her mission call!!!!  Reizy is not a member, but they both committed to read the Book of Mormon along with our mission while working on their cruise.