Thursday, March 30, 2017

2017-03-30 Mission Leadership Council & Now They Can Read!

We had a wonderful mission leadership council yesterday.  The zone leaders and sister training leaders are wonderful men and women trying to faithfully fulfill their stewardships.  They gave great counsel and learned a lot together.  Elder Jacobsen did a great job teaching about budgeting.

 We try to spend a good part of the training, practicing skills.  Everyone gets amazingly good at just practicing whatever they are asked to demonstrate, then we share observations and repractice.

The Northridge Ward in Mesa, AZ heard that we had many investigators here who can't read because they don't have glasses.  When the Giles came to pick up their daughter, they brought a HUGE bag of glasses that the ward had collected and sent to help the people our missionaries are trying to teach.  Yesterday, Sister Jacobsen sorted them so that all the zones could have some of each prescription, and we gave them to the zone leaders.  The missionaries were SOOOOOOO excited!  It will be a great blessing for their investigators to have glasses so they can read.  Thank you Northridge Ward!!!