Saturday, April 1, 2017

2017-04-02 President's Message

Dear Elders and Sisters,
The semi-annual conference of the Church will be shown this coming weekend here in the Philippines. This is a wonderful opportunity to learn from our leaders and to be taught by the Spirit of the Lord.
I invite you to watch ALL of the sessions of conference that are shown in your ward or branch. Be sure that sisters watch the General Women's Meeting and that elders watch the General Priesthood Meeting as well. Enjoying all of the sessions of conference and then studying them afterward is a spiritual habit for your mission and for the rest of your lives.
Why do we have general conference twice each year? It is a time our prophet and the other leaders the Lord has chosen to share with us what the Lord wants us to hear. We will receive inspiration and direction from our leaders but the most important part of general conference is receiving promptings directly from the Spirit.
Here is how to get the most blessings from conference:
1. Make a list of at least 2 questions you want to have answered to help you be a BETTER MISSIONARY.
2. Make a list of at least 2 questions you want to have answered that will help you in your LIFE AFTER YOUR MISSION.
As you listen to conference, pray to be able to receive what you need. I promise that the Lord will give you the answers you seek. Remember that sometimes the answer is:
1) An invitation ELIMINATE something from your life.
2) An invitation of ADD A NEW HABIT.
3) An invitation to REPENT of something from the past.
4) A prompting to take a certain DIRECTION in your life. Remember that a "direction" is not that same thing as a destination. (Nephi was commanded to build a boat and set off for "the promised land" but he really had no idea where the promised land was, only that he needed to start in a certain direction and follow the compass/Liahona the Lord had given him.)
May the Lord bless you to receive the answers to your questions AND the strength to follow.
Mahal ko po kayo,
President Creg Ostler