Tuesday, April 4, 2017

2017-04-03 Preparation Day at the MIssion Home

Monday, missionaries came to the mission home to practice songs for the upcoming zone conferences and to work on BYUH applications.  Because it was preparation day, some of the elders decided to make cookies.  We were glad they did!

Elder Stowers got to see a picture from a recent mini-reunion held with some of the Manila Mission missionaries in Utah, and he was so excited and proud to see a picture of his Taytay (mission father or trainer, Elder Ashton.)  Thank you Nathan McQuarrie for the picture and for helping strengthen your "brethren" (and sisters).  Even when missionaries return home, they can continue to bless the lives of those still serving, by their example.  Thank you Elders and Sisters who "still sing the song of redeeming love" and show by your dress, your actions and your countenance that you are still strong in your testimonies of the Lord, Jesus Christ!