Thursday, April 13, 2017

2017-04-12,13 Going and Coming Inbetween Transfers and a Temple Miracle

             Sister Jumawid has finished her mission!

Sister Ta'Ofi arrived!

     She got her very own orientation.  Elder Zesiger is demonstrating OYM'ing a man on a caribou.  :)

                                   Sister Holzworth, Sister Fidow, Sister Ta'Ofi and the Ostlers

After greeting Sister Ta'Ofi and getting her off working with her new companions, President and the Assistants went to do Follow-up training for the new missionaries that arrived 3 weeks ago.  Caleb and Sister Ostler went to do baptisms at the temple because Caleb has Spring Break.  Guess who we saw in the waiting room, waiting for her sister who is returning from her mission?  Sister Lacsamana who is now married and has her own baby girl!!!

The group Caleb planned to do baptisms with ending up cancelling so there was no priesthood to help.  So we went to the waiting area at the annex and asked who might be willing to help.  It was the most inspiring thing ever to have four different priesthood holders volunteer to work in the baptistry so Caleb could get baptized for one of our missionary's grandfathers.  Two of the men were waiting for the arrival of their missionary daughter or niece.  They weren't sure when they would arrive, yet they volunteered to help.  This wonderful brother was the one who did the baptisms.  Imagine him baptizing Caleb...the giant!  It was a really sweet miracle and experience to have them all volunteer like that.  Both of us decided we want to always be the kind of person who volunteers easily to help others.  Thanks for your good example, brothers!

President got to set apart this wonderful young man to serve his mission.  Elder Gerarman will be serving in the Cebu Mission!  His sister, Happiness, is serving her mission as well.  It was only several months ago that we witnessed Elder Gerarman baptize his parents before Happiness left on her mission.  They are an amazing family!  It's such a blessing to serve here!