Thursday, April 27, 2017

2017-04-26 Narra Saints Continue to Flock to the Temple

After returning from Narra on Monday, we got to see the Narra Saints again as they attended the Manila temple for their own endowments and sealings.  On Tuesday, they came to the mission home for dinner and to share their experiences.

 One miraculous happening was that Elder Macanlalay's mother (plaid shirt) was in the temple serving and met the first person her son ever baptized!  It was a sweet experience for both of them, and Sister Macanlalay joined them on their trip to the mission home.  I wish all moms could have this experience.

 The ladies were so cute...everyone wanted a picture with President, so they kept running into the picture....this picture began with two.  :)  We love the way they love and include each other.

 This is the complete group that came this time.  All these members were endowed or sealed to their families.  What tears were shed as they expressed the trials and heartaches they had passed through to get to this point.

 Afterwards, they wanted to know all about our family.

 And they got really excited to see the transfer board with the pictures of all the missionaries!  The missionaries have no idea how much they are loved!

We found out that on the way to the mission home (which ended up taking TWO hours----it is 15 minutes without traffic) one of the vans they had rented broke down, so all 26 of them loaded into one van! That was when they still had at least an hour ahead of them.  Not one of them even mentioned it!

When we found out, we wanted to get them another van, but they insisted they would be fine. I cry as I remember their cheerful spirits, even when they were squished like this.  One older sister had to go near the back, and I don't know how she did it with her sore leg.  But they just laughed and enjoyed the experience.  They were so thankful, so grateful, so happy and so loving.  They are a wonderful example for all of us!

Branch President Bunquin got everyone else into the van, then squeezed into the last space.  I sure pray their ride back to the temple housing was shorter!

After another interview, we went to the airport to pick up Caleb who had just returned from the US where he had participated with his school's robotics team in the VEX World Robotics Competition.
We were SO glad to have him home!