Monday, May 29, 2017

2017-05-27 Philippines Manila Mission 2014-2017 "Batch" Reunion

Saturday was one of those unforgettable days when you feel like you must be in Heaven.
What a great joy it was to see so many of the returned missionaries who have served faithfully in the Philippines Manila Mission!  But the greatest joy was to see that so many of them "feel so now".  As described in the Book of Mormon, when Ammon met his brethren after 14 years, the thing that brought him the greatest joy was to see that those he loved could still feel and sing the song of redeeming love.  They were still strong in their testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ and His atonement.  That is what thrilled our hearts!

Many of them went to great sacrifice to come and be together.  It was a sacred experience to have one last "zone conference" with them.  Some of them are married, some of them have children, and their lives are directed towards fulfilling Heavenly Father's plan of joy for them.  We have really seen and felt that the source of joy in our lives is seeing eternal joy in the lives of those we love.  We had so much joy just being with these great Elders and Sisters.  It was a thrill to have the Mortimers come back for the reunion.  They have been trying to come back ever since Elder Mortimer got sick, but he isn't cleared to return yet as a missionary, so they came as our beloved brother and sister to help us in every way they could.  They are true examples of consecration.  If every couple in the world were like them and the other incredible couples in our mission, the world would be translated!

Sister Wolcott was dearly missed at the reunion due to sickness, but she is doing much better.  Oh, how we love our seniors!  We can't wait for our turn to be like them!

Our heartfelt thanks goes out to all those who saved and sacrificed and traveled and went without sleep so we could be together.  It WAS Heaven.  God be with you till we meet again!

    Sister Lagrimas painted this lovely picture for us and bought it many miles on a bus to give it to us.
    This is one of many wonderful examples of the great kindness and generosity of the Filipino 

More pictures to come!