Monday, August 18, 2014

2014-8-18 P-Days and "Family Home Afternoon"

Last week, one of our districts (Taguig District) asked to have a family home evening at our home on their P Day as a celebration for reaching a very difficult goal.  Because they needed to proselyte in the evenings, we opted to do a family "home afternoon".  They came and we had our usual family night, prayer, sharing something someone in the family did great...and everyone guesses who, a short lesson from President Ostler, then homemade Cinnabon cinnamon rolls and games galore.  They were so fun to have over, and it was a good break for them on their P Day.  What wonderful spirits they have!!!

             Sisters Dissnayaka, Dennis, Jones, Romero, Sister & President Ostler, Elders Turber and Suquib

                                                           And yes, you can get them to act  little silly....for a picture.

Sister Andrews and Sister Talanoa came over too to help me with my phone!  Helping ME on THEIR P-Day!
That's just a small example of the kind of missionaries in this mission!  President and Sister Stucki sure must have trained them well!  They are obedient, hard working and always ask what they can do to help!

Today, we had the Paranaque Zone over for a "Family Home Afternoon" too.  It seems to be a good thing for the elders and sisters to have a fun place to go to for games and treats sometimes on their p-days.  It is a blessing to have them!

There was a really sweet spirit as we went around the room and played "Someone in our family...."  Each companion said something that their companion had done that they appreciate.  There were more than a few tears shed.  It's amazing how much you can grow to love someone you have only known for such a short time because you are both working so hard and sacrificing for the love you have in common for our Savior!

Our lesson today centered around Elder Bednar's talk about the Character of Christ.  It is a talk he gave at BYUI and shares some really powerful perspective about one of Jesus's greatest qualities....the ability to feel love and concern for others while one is struggling as much or more than them.  It's a WONDERFUL talk if you want to look it up!

After the song, sharing kind thoughts, and lesson, we had.....YES!  Cinnabon Cinnamon Rolls again!  Elder Webb was so happy!  I guess they are going to be a favorite here.  Thanks to my daughter, Alyssa, for discovering the recipe!  :)

                         Then, it was time for games, games and more games.  Sisters Ariff and Bermiso.

                                                            Sisters Andrews, Talanoa and Larsen

                                                       Guesstures was a favorite for the whole group.

                                                 Some of them were really great at acting things out.

Elder Leofo was the basketball champion at 107 points until Elder Wake passed him up by one point!  Too bad I wasn't there to take a picture!

    They even squeezed a few minutes of croquet in.  (Elders Webb & Stoehr, Sisters Soifua & Harris, Elder Hart
    and Elder Leofo in front)

              These sisters are so beautiful.  Their spirits radiate!  How can you not accept their message?
                                                   Sisters Soifua, Harris, Ostler, Ariff, Latu

                                            Sisters Bishop, Jandoquile, Ostler, Bermiso, Ariff
                                                        Sisters Latu, Ostler, Adduru
                                    Saying Goodbye to President Ostler and getting back to work......

                                                      The Great Paranaque Zone

What a wonderful group of incredible young missionaries, future leaders and parents.  Once again, President Ostler and I have been humbled by their sweet desire and complete commitment to the Lord's service.  It is such a blessing to serve with them!  If other "senior" couples could only experience what we have, they would be standing in line waiting to turn in their missionary application papers!

We have a lot of fun on P-Day, but this is what a mission is all about..........

Today we received this beautiful picture from Elders Sinco and Songcuan who are serving in Tay Tay...remember the place we had to hike down to...and they get baptized in the ocean?  There is just a small branch there, but Elders Sinco and Songcuan, Hadley and Wilson are incredible and faithful missionaries, and the people are so humble and receptive.  Watch for more incredible reports from them!

I'll try to collect more pictures of all the other baptisms and include them soon!