Sunday, August 31, 2014


As soon as we said good bye to our wonderful departing missionaries, we cleaned up and set up for the next morning when we were receiving 28 new missionaries!  (Wonderful new missionaries are the only cure for the sad hearts that have just sent off wonderful experienced missionaries.)

Wednesday morning dawned early at 5:30am, but the roads were already full of cars excited for the day.

We couldn't help but wonder what everyone else was doing up at that time in the morning!  :)

 This is why we were up!  Just look at these beautiful sister missionaries!

 The missionaries had been up for hours packing and getting ready to leave the MTC.  The air was full of excitement!

We are the luckiest, most blessed people in the world to be able to get to know such wonderful, faithful and dedicated missionaries!

A few more people were on the roads at 6:30am on the way back to the mission home.

 After a delicious breakfast made by Angel, and interviews with the president and some orientation by the Thelers regarding finances, language, and health, we all packed back into the vans and drove to the nearby American Cemetery.

We shared the history of the Americans' and Filipinos' sacrifice for freedom.
We were the only ones there that early, and it was a quiet opportunity to reflect.

We read Elder Hinckley's talk and prayer opening the Philippines for the spread of the gospel of peace.  It is a sacred experience to stand on this hallowed spot, made holy by the sacrifices of thousands for the freedom of others.  How much more we should be willing to sacrifice so that our brothers and sisters in all lands can have eternal freedom!  It is a good place to reflect and make the beginning....and the end of our missions.  Thank you, Elder Hinckley.

A rare place of peace in the large, bustling city of Manila.

The ten minute drive took almost forty five.  :)  Welcome to the Philippines!  As they say, "It's more fun in the Philippines!"  As long as you are never in a rush, life is wonderful! Good lesson to learn.

 As soon as we got back, we had lunch, then some of the missionaries were informed that they would be serving on island they would fly to in a few hours.  The fun part was trying to reduce what they would take with them down to one suitcase not weighing more than 20 kilograms!

         Not an easy task for anyone, but there wasn't one word of complaint!

 After finding out who their trainers and companions would be, all the missionaries got packed up with their luggage to head off to their new areas.

It is such a wonderful thing to see the love with which the trainers welcome their new companions!  The missionaries flying to Palawan had to wait till later that day to meet their companions who were waiting in Palawan for them. 

                                         Elders Benting and Nielson

                                                 Elder Benting

                                    Elders Binhaon and Woodburn

                                                    Elder Binhaon

                                          Elders Dennis and Bout

                                                    Elder Bout

                                    Sisters Bristain & Alfeche

                                                Sister Bristain

                                          Elders Bell & Castaneda

                                             Elder Castaneda

                                                 Elder Clark

                                    Elders Concardas & DelaCerna

                                               Elder Concardas

                                    Elders Delorino and Cowan

                                                  Elder Cowan

                                       Sisters Chong-Nee and Edrada

                                                Sister Edrada

                                    Elders Rydalch and Eugenio

                                               Elder Eugenio

                                       Elders Richards and Garcia

                                                     Elder Garcia

                                                Sister Lockwood

                                         Sisters Jones and Mabeza

                                              Sister Mabeza

                                        Elders Allauigan and Magna

                                         Elder Magna

                                            Elder McQuarrie

                                  Elders Webb and Ordesta

                                           Elder Ordesta

                                         Elder Packard

                                     Sisters Pastor and Bishop

                                         Sister Pastor

                                  Sisters Penaia and Franscisquete

                                        Sister Penaia

                                 Elders Haynie and Pole

                                                Elder Pole

                                  Sisters Quilicot and Geronimo

                                          Sister Quilicot

                                      Elders Torida and Smith

                                            Elder Smith

                                             Elder Taylor

                                  Elder Gallarde and Taylor

                                   Sisters Te'o and Navaro

                                              Sister Te'o

                                     Elders Stratton and Vega

                                            Elder Vega

                                             Sister Vele

                                     Elders Madamba and Whittle
                                                 Elder Whittle