Thursday, October 22, 2015

2015-10-21 It's a Brand New BIG Batch! Thirty Four New Missionaries!

                                            AREN'T THEY MARVELOUS!!!!

We take them to the nearby American War Memorial Cemetery where we talk about why President Hinckley chose this place to dedicate the land of the Philippines for the preaching of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  We talk about the sacrifices made in order that we might be able to assemble there and follow the dictates of our consciences.  We talk about the sacrifice of the Savior.  Then we talk about what they are willing to sacrifice for the next 18 months or two years.

Each of them was given some time to ponder about what they are willing to sacrifice in order that the wonderful people here in the Philippines may have eternal freedom.

The American War Memorial Cemetery is a beautiful, peaceful place very enjoyable for 

    After very little sleep, the new missionaries arrive at the mission home at about 6am, have breakfast and spend the day being oriented.  Then after the tour of the cemetery and lunch, they meet with all the Trainers for some additional training and to find out who their trainer/trainee will be.

                                                                    It's amazing to see the enthusiasm and electricity in the air!

          Then, President announces the new companionships and areas they will serve in.