Thursday, November 5, 2015


   Yesterday was a wonderful day at the Manila Temple!  Sister Lauriel Lacsamana  
    was sealed for time and all eternity!  Her husband served in the Cavite Mission, so
    President and Sister Tye were there too.  

               It was a special treat to have Sister Kasteler and Sister Lemmon there!      

                          It was an absolutely beautiful day at the temple.


Today was Mission Leadership Council.  That's when all the zone leaders from the whole mission come to the mission home to learn and counsel together about how we can better achieve our purpose as missionaries.  This morning, the front gate buzzer rang at 5:45am.  It was two faithful sisters who came early so they would have time to OYM (Open Your Mouth) and share the gospel on the way to the meeting.  That's the kind of missionaries we have in this mission!  It's humbling.

                                        Sister Ariff and Sister Arif

                                                Lovely Sister Training Leaders!

                                                      Guapo Elders!

 We had a delicious pancake, bacon and scrambled egg breakfast.  The Americans loved it.  The Filipinos cautiously asked me what the bacon was.  Its so fun seeing all of them learn to try new things.

The Wolcotts, who are currently serving in Puerto Princessa, were able to fly over to join us.  They are still quite new, but have jumped in with both feet and are serving with all their hearts!  We are so glad they chose to come!!

 One of the highlights of the meeting was getting to know our new senior couples better!  The Mortimers arrived several weeks ago, and the Atkinsons arrived yesterday!  As they shared a little about themselves, it quickly became apparent to all of us that Heavenly Father has sent us angels!  We feel so very grateful for each one of them!  They are true examples of living the law of consecration.

             Elder and Sister Duford have been literal life-savers as they have taken
over the office and help the office elders get organized and efficient.  Elders Benting, Thacker and Pickford have really grown and contributed to the successful functioning of the office.  Elder Wilson and Elder Burgos are stepping right up as Assistants and did an excellent job with MLC.  It is such a blessing to see the growth and maturity in their service.  We are so blessed to have such wonderful missionaries to help us in this great endeavor.

                        Manila Mission Leadership Council November 2015
                     (Including all seniors except the Wirthlins and Hansens)

    Today we discussed in detail the reasons why the Army of Helaman was so successful and decided to work to become more like them.  We are blessed to have many faithful elders and sisters.  As we obey with exactness, we will see miracles.