Sunday, May 8, 2016

2016-5-5 Mission Leadership Council

 Mission Leadership Council is such a wonderful time together!  All the zone leaders and sister training leaders from the entire mission (including Palawan) all gather at the mission home.  What an amazing spiritual experience it is to have these wonderful and dedicated elders and sisters all in one place!  One of our themes was "choosing the harder right" and "being truly converted".  The assistants did a great job sharing their own experience of becoming truly converted.  It was beautiful and strengthened all our faith.

We also did some role plays with using "Adjusting to Missionary Life" booklet to help the companionships in our stewardship.  It is amazing to see the mature ideas that come out of their mouths.  The common thread in their responses is love for the companionship and a pure desire to help them resolve their challenges.

 Sister Skudder is Sister Toa's companion.  They were a threesome, but now a twosome.  Sister Skudder is in training, but is a co-sister training leader because one companion left.  It is a wonderful thing to watch these young adults become adults.  They truly have courage and exercise their faith to become all they are asked to be on their missions.

 The missionaries' favorite part of MLC is probably Breakfast and Lunch!  Angel feeds them well!

         It's so wonderful to have the Wolcotts over here.  It's a major adjustment for them, but a great    
                                       blessing for us and the rest of the mission.

Today, on the way to MLC, 100% of the missionaries OYM'd 3 people.  They also all reached their companionship goal of 190 OYM's a week.  In celebration, we watched, "The Go-Getter" and had popcorn.  The Go-Getter is a movie about a young man who has a goal and won't let anything stop him or discourage him.  It shows the length, effort and creativity as well as determination it takes, and how great the reward can be.

We are so excited to have Elder Beagley back!  He had to go home for surgery, but it is clear that he didn't waste his time.  He is back full of enthusiasm and ideas.  Welcome back Elder Beagley!