Monday, May 30, 2016

2016-05-30 Mission President's Seminar and Finish Strong Meeting "Batch"

 President and Sister Ostler were blessed to attend a Mission President's Seminar in Cebu.  What a
treasured experience to be with such wonderful, consecrated people.  We just feel so grateful.

                                                          In the service of our Savior

                 All the presidents, wives and area leaders were able to attend a session in the Cebu
                Temple.  What a beautiful temple!  What an amazing group!

This picture was taken after our finish strong meeting.  This group will be leaving in six weeks.  I can't tell you how sad that makes us.  These elders were our first incoming group of elders.  We remember that day so well.  They were so nervous and unsure.  They felt confident that they could speak Tagalog until they got out on the streets, then they felt like they would never understand it.  But every single one of them is amazing.  The foreigners can speak Tagalog and the Filipinos can speak English....even the shy ones.  (Although some of them still complain that it makes them think so hard it "gives them nosebleeds!")  :)