Thursday, June 2, 2016

2016-05-31 On Their Way Home

       Before posting the pictures of the departing missionaries, here is a picture of the very first missionary to be sent from Coron Branch.  Coron is a small, beautiful island just north of Palawan.  They have a thriving branch, and we currently have four sisters serving there.

                                        Our Wonderful Assistants

 Our Wonderful Seniors

                                           We will miss the Hansens dearly.

 President and Sister Wolcott are serving in Manila currently.
                               Elder and Sister Porteous are adapting very quickly.  What wonderful couples!

                                 Sister Tabayoyong was visiting on Departure Day.  I'm glad she's not leaving yet!

 We will miss you.

                              Elder Sison's family came to pick him up. What a great family!

God Be With You Till We Meet Again