Sunday, May 8, 2016

5-8-2016 The Canadians are Here!

Today, a wonderful, energetic couple, Elder and Sister Porteous, arrived in Manila.  After flying through Los Angeles and Hong Kong, they arrived in Manila.  They went straight to the mission home and showered, then we went to Makati 3rd ward with them.  It was a lovely primary program for mothers.  We felt so lucky to have been there.  The Porteouses are from Canada and bring with them a wonderful spirit.  President Ostler and I feel sooooooo blessed to have senior couples serving in our mission.  We appreciate all those who have served and those who (hopefully) will yet serve. :)    It takes a really special couple to give up so much with so much enthusiasm and willingness to serve wherever called.  A special THANK YOU to all who are willing to serve.  We love you!