Saturday, July 30, 2016

2016-07-31 President's Message

Dear Sisters and Elders,

One of the most interesting parts of the Pearl of Great Price is Abraham 3-5. In Abraham 3:22-28 we read of the Council in Heaven. Heavenly Father presents His plan to create an earth as a place for his spirit children to come, grow and be tested. This is where we learn that Christ volunteered to fulfill the plan of the Father. Then in Abraham 4 through Abraham 5:3 we read of the Spiritual Creation of the earth. Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ planned the creation the creation of the earth in great detail. After this planning, they worked together to form the earth and to create man.

There is a great principle for us to learn here. The principle is that Spiritual Creation is an important part of the gospel. Just as the Father and the Son spiritually created the earth, we need to spiritually create the important things in our lives.

Step One: Pray

It is a powerful practice to kneel down and pray about what the Lord wants you to do in your service to Him. Pray alone and pray with your companion for the gift of faith and the gift of spiritual vision.

Step Two: Visualize

As an example, you might set a goal that during the coming 4 weeks you will baptize a family, bring one recent convert into full activity and help another person prepare for his temple ordinances. When you plan for the family being baptized, picture them all dressed in white. Picture their happiness when they are coming up from the water after being baptized. Picture them bearing their testimonies at that special time.

For the recent convert becoming fully active, picture them standing to be sustained in their new calling.  When you plan for temple preparation, picture their happiness as they prepare family names for the temple and the satisfaction your convert will have as they hold their new temple recommend in their hands.

Step Three: Plan With Faith

To spiritually create means to plan with faith. Write down your plans to accomplish what you have seen in your mind. Your plans should be specific and realistic. They should be plans that you are 100% dedicated to achieving.

Step Four: Physically Create (Act on Your Plan)

Next, we need to follow the example of Heavenly Father and DO THE WORK to make what we have spiritually created become real. (See Abraham 5:4-21) This is a crucial step. Visions and plans are great, but they are useless by themselves. Every day, pray with faith, be exactly obedient and work your hardest to make your plans happen.

If you will follow the pattern of Spiritually Creating and then ACTING on what you want to accomplish in the work of the Lord, you will find great power in the work. Miracles will come. Many people will come to Christ.

I have applied these principles in my life. They have blessed me and have brought many blessings to those I love. I promise that the same will happen to you.

May the Lord bless you my dear fellow servants.

Mahal ko po kayo,

President Creg Ostler