Wednesday, July 13, 2016

2016-7-13 It's a Brand New Batch! Thank you families!!!

 This morning, bright and early, our wonderful office elders and assistants brought all the missionaries from the MTC!  14 of them!  What a joy to meet a whole new batch!  The Wolcotts, Porteouses and office elders had another busy day.  They are so wonderful in how faithfully they do their jobs and support us and all the missionaries!  We will be losing Elder Ballif and gaining Elder Heckel as our main office secretary.  Elder Ballif has been magnificent in his service, his attitude and his support.  Elder Monson is also training Elder Webster to replace himself.  He has made such a great contribution in the office.  Parents, please don't ever feel bad if your children serve in the office.  It is just as important as their service out of the office.  They are providing an invaluable service to the President, myself,  and the whole mission.  They are also developing skills that will bless them throughout their lives.  We are so grateful for all of your children, however they help build God's kingdom!

 We especially appreciate the senior missionaries who serve quietly in the background most of the time, making a huge difference!

 The reason you never see President on the morning of new missionary orientation is because he is personally interviewing each of the new missionaries and then praying about where to assign them.  After we have lunch, he joins the group along with all the trainers and then he reveals their new companions and areas.

        Elder Webster is doing a great job in the office as financial clerk!  He did a great presentation this morning about financial matters.  We appreciate his cheerful spirit and sense of humor. I appreciate that he laughed at my joke today!

   Elder Heckel is stepping right up into place.  He has a lot of duties to learn.  He'll be great!

We miss our Assistant, Elder Whittle. But Elders Beagley & Elder Garcia were trained well and did a smooth job running the orientation!

        Sister Turner has been swept right up into the nursing responsbilities!  She's busy!!!

Elder Arninio is the new Supply Secretary that has been serving for a transfer or so.  He's such a cheerful and willing spirit.  He always has a kind word for everyone.

Several of the sisters will be serving on Palawan, so they will meet their new companions tomorow.

         Guess who gets to serve in Coron????  She's very excited.  Sister Thatcher will travel with her and serve in Coron as well.

 Elder Cortez's brother, Elder Cortez was just assigned to our mission!!!  He was serving in Arizona but had to come home for medical reasons.  He and his family came by to meet us a while back and we joked that we wished he could serve in our mission, never dreaming it would happen!  He's such an enthusiastic and already trained elder.  It will be a joy to have him. The Lord works in ways that seem mysterious to us, but He knows what He is doing. :)

                           Elder Dassun on the right will be his new companion.

               We got 10 TEN! sisters this batch!  We are so excited to finally get some more!

     Both Sister Holzworth and Sister Watson will be training!!!  They are fantastic!
     Elder Ashton has become a seasoned, mature and steady missionary.  And he likes to eat!

 Elder Garcia is full of energy as he serves wherever called as an assistant.  Always a smile!

Elder Zacharias is a faithful, good missionary.  We will miss him as he gets medical attention at home.

                                        Elder Lumanta is a happy, willing helper at all times!