Tuesday, October 4, 2016

2016-10-05 Till We Meeeeeeet..... Time To Say Goodbye...Again!

                                    Meeting Sister Gallano's Family

                                          Sisters always get to eat first!  Thanks Elders!

                                     These are wonderful gentlemen!

                                                          Our two assistants.

                          Elder Arnejo and his father.  What a treat to have his father come!

                                         Senior Sisters Make Missions Fun!

The Porteous "companionship" is one of our "secret weapons". We're so glad to   
    have them here!

Elder Beagley's parents came to visit.  It was wonderful to meet them.  It is easy to see why Elder Beagley turned out so well!

President teaches missionaries to ask themselves, "Where am I in the boat?" Then to move toward the front of the boat....to move towards the Savior...to go to Him for help.

 On missions, we always practice, evaluate and repractice teaching and every aspect of missionary work.  Sooooo, as they prepare to go home, we practice greeting people at home, answering the question, "How was your mission" in a way that will strengthen another's faith, and how to have a conversation with person of the opposite sex....and invite them on a date.  Although they feel extremely awkward at first, it helps them to get more used to the idea and learn some tips on how to do it successfully.