Wednesday, October 5, 2016

2016-10-05 The Wonderful New Servants of the Lord Have Arrived!

   Bright and early, Wednesday morning, these cheerful missionaries arrived from the MTC.

          Elder Webster and Elder McCauley reap a few benefits from service in the office.

   Sister and Elder Porteous keep the interviews and information sheets running smoothly.

  Lumen & Angel provide wonderful meal and keep the house clean even with all of us here!

     Touring the American War Cemetery where the Philippines was dedicated by Elder Gordon B. Hinckley is a sobering and sacred experience.  As we consider what the people buried there sacrificed so that the land of the Philippines can be free for the people to worship God they way they want, we can't help but think about what we want to be willing
to sacrifice for the eternal spiritual freedom of our brothers and sisters here.

Six, beautiful new sisters!
                                                             Our new "batch"


                                                         New Missionary Orientation

       And the new companions are.........

The other four missionaries will be serving on Palawan where their companions are waiting for them.  They flew out tonight and will meet them soon.

They're a wonderful group of missionaries....

                       And now....they're off to begin a new adventure!