Sunday, October 23, 2016

2016-10-23 Making Me Cry

Tonight, the buzzer rang, and when we answered the gate, it was three handsome, glowing returned missionaries from the Manila Mission!  And I could finally HUG them!  :) I cried when they left, now I cry with joy to see them again...

We are so pleased to see these elders!  Each of them is trying so hard in their own way to follow the prophet's counsel to move forward with their lives.  Despite challenges for each one of them, they are moving forward with faith.  We are so grateful for their efforts.  It makes us so happy to see them bonding together to support each other in righteous goals!  We know the Lord will bless them as they continue to follow His guidance.  NEVER MISS A DAY!!!! (Personal Prayers, Scriptures, Service)

You CAN DO THIS!  All of you Returned Missionaries!  If you feel weak, join with other RM's and get back on track.  Pray together, study together, help each other set goals and achieve goals, help each other find job, have the courage to follow the prophet's counsel.  We are all brothers and sisters in this wonderful world with the same goal of eternal life.  Let's join together and help each other achieve it!

One word of advice for all the RM Sisters out there, please know that there are good, righteous, returned missionaries who are trying to prepare for the kind of future you are looking for.  Live worthy and then help them feel comfortable enough to get to know you!  Sometimes your beauty, your educational accomplishments or your many talents intimidate them and it is hard to be your friend.  So sisters, 1-2-3....get the courage and introduce yourself, start a conversation, be friendly, be easy to talk to, try to get to know them. Being shy only stops you from getting to know them.

Elders, 1-2-3...get the courage and start a conversation....there are friendships just waiting to be made.
Every friendship won't end up as a marriage, but friends are great blessings to have along the road to marriage.  You CAN DO IT!  "Go to the front of the boat"! "Fresh courage take...our God will never us forsake!"  :)   Time to "fresh start" your area!

We love you!

President and Sister Ostler